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The official homepage of the British Sardine Racing association. Dedicated to breeding a better Sardine,  revolutionising training methods, and the breeding of both pedigree fish, and Hybrids, such as the Sardine/Shark crossbreed.

Our Mission

It is the intention of this organisation to popularise new breeding methods, such as the already mentioned Sardine/Shark (Sharkine). These fish are not fast, but no-one dare beat one. Another promising Hybrid is the Italian Sardine, which is already oily, or the Sardine/Octopus, which has eight testicles.

Becoming a Member

Membership is free, upon production of documented proof in at least 3 nationally recognised Sardine Races

Reef sharks

Organization News

On 31st February 2003, Kings Lynn will host the East Anglian Mountain Downhill Sardine Slalom, And Ely will once again host the British Open Fish Grande Prix

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